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Day 3 - Sin Separates from Holiness

Welcome to 40 Days of Holiness, Day 3! Today we're answering the question, "What keeps me from being holy?"

Today, we will examine Isaiah's encounter with a holy God in Isaiah 6:1-5. When Isaiah saw the Lord, he had an epiphany about his own holiness: He was unlike the holiness of God that he witnessed. Today, we'll talk about the things that keep us as humans from being comfortable in the presence of God's holiness.

Watch the video for teaching, fill in the blanks in your 40 Days of Holiness workbook, then take time to do the meditation questions on holiness. God's sanctifying work in you is worth the time!

About the Guided Prayer for holiness experience: Each day of the 40 Days of Holiness journey contains a written prayer in your Pursuing Holiness workbook, but a 5-minute video prayer time for seeking growth in holiness in our hearts. This prayer time is designed to be an anchor, a specific time of seeking the Holiness of God in your life and heart. 

Prayer: Holy Father, I recognize that your holiness demands purity in my heart and my life.  Like Isaiah, catching a glimpse of your holiness makes me realize how impossible it is for you to be impure, or for you to be in fellowship with impurity.  I delight in your holiness, but I recognize that I cannot be one with you and one with sin.  Please let me see myself in the reflection of your purity, and let me long to be like you.  Amen.

Have questions about sin separating us from God's holiness?

If you've got questions about the Holiness of God, you've come to the right place. Click the small chat button on the lower right corner of your screen to ask your question, and Darrell would love to answer questions on his Youtube live stream. If you haven't ordered your Pursuing Holiness Workbook, and you'd like to get one, click here to download this PDF Bible study on the holiness of God and sanctification of believers.

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