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Day 31 - Holiness as Beholding Glory

Welcome to 40 Days of Holiness! Today we're answering the question, "Where does holiness come from? How can things or humans become holy?"

About the Guided Prayer experience: Each day of the 40 Days of Holiness journey will contain not only a written prayer in your Pursuing Holiness workbook, but a 5-minute video prayer time for seeking God's holiness in our hearts. This prayer time is designed to be an anchor, a specific time of seeking the Holiness of God in your life and heart. 

Prayer: Father, the glory of your holiness is brilliant and fire-like. I long to have the light and power of that glorious holiness soak into me until I glow with heaven’s fire. I repent of looking to myself to find the power to become like you, and I turn the eyes of my heart to Jesus. Let me forget self, and lose self, in the glorious holiness of Jesus Christ. Only there can I be transformed with a glory that will not fade away but will increase for all eternity. Amen.

Looking for answers about God's Glory?

If you're looking for answers about the Glory of God, you're not alone. Darrell would love to answer questions on his Youtube live stream. Click the small chat button on the lower right corner of your screen to ask your question, and Darrell will get back with you. In the meantime, if you haven't ordered your Pursuing Holiness Workbook, and you'd like to get one, click here to download this PDF Bible study on the Holiness of God.

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