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Day 10 - Holiness means Purity from Corruption

Welcome to 40 Days of Holiness! Today we're going to continue to define holiness. Holiness in Scripture is purity from moral corruption, as a reflection of the purity of God's nature. 

This is why Jesus teachings were so revolutionary. He taught in such a way that he exposed the heart of people. When he taught, he showed it was possible to do even right things for wrong motives. In our hearts, there can be lie mixed with honesty, greed mixed with ambition, self mixed with selflessness, pride mixed with giving, and arrogance mixed with prayer.

Holiness is a separation from this moral corruption. 

About the Guided Prayer time: There's a written prayer in your Pursuing Holiness workbook, but this 5-minute video prayer time is designed to be an anchor, a specific daily time of seeking the Holiness of God in your life and heart. 

Prayer: Glorious and Holy Father, I know that you want holiness to the core of my being, like it runs to the core of your being. I am tired of having even my good actions touched with impurity, pride, and self. Would you please grant me the ability to clearly see the state of my heart? Pull back the camouflage and show me any places of impurity, so I can surrender them to your control. Amen.

Looking for answers about the Biblical definition of holiness ?

Well, you're not alone. Darrell would love to answer questions on his Youtube live stream. Click the small chat button on the lower right corner of your screen to ask your question, and Darrell will get back with you. To order the 130-page Pursuing Holiness Workbook, click here to download this PDF Bible study on the Holiness of God.

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