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Welcome to 40 Days of Holiness!

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What is 40 Days of Holiness?

40 Days of Holiness is a 40 Day personal spiritual growth experience that helps to lead Christians into deeper levels of God's holiness in their heart and life. This holiness Bible study can also be used as a holiness church campaign to achieve greater alignment as a church seeks to grow in sanctification together.

To order Pursuing Holiness for yourself or for your church, click the links above.

What is Pursuing Holiness?

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Holiness Bible Study workbook

Don't just listen to a podcast about the holiness of God. Instead, really dive deep into the theology of what holiness is, and what holiness means for our lives, with this 130 page PDF workbook on sanctification.

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Guided prayer experience

Each day of the 40 Day Pursuing Holiness Challenge has a guided sanctification prayer experience, guiding you in seeking God's holiness for your life. What if you prayed 5 minutes each day seeking deeper levels of sanctification?

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Holiness doctrine made simple

Holiness theology should be clear, inspiring and biblical. Come along as we build a theology of holiness, a definition of holiness, and learn how God produces holiness in our lives through the blood of Jesus & the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.

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Holiness Church campaign

Pursuing Holiness is also available as a church-wide campaign, to enable small or large churches and their pastors to pursue holiness together as a means of discipleship and revival. This valuable Bible study on holiness comes with a 130 page workbook, daily sample prayers for holiness, meditation questions about holiness and sanctification, journaling space, and online tools including 40 daily teaching videos about holiness, and guided prayer experiences to help you by providing sample prayers for seeking holiness.

To find out about how you can license printing copies of the Pursuing Holiness Workbook for your church or Bible study group, click to download today:



Daily videos on



page holiness study guide PDF


Minutes of daily guided prayer


Holy God to know


40 Days of Holiness Personal Spiritual Growth Journey

For many Christians today, holiness is an afterthought. Many don't think of of sanctification as what it is -- a crucial part of the Gospel! If you believe God has called us to holiness, to "be holy as I am holy," then why not invest in learning exactly what that means? In this 40 Day journey of pursuing holiness, you'll be taught to learn more and more about God's incredible holiness. As you see Him in the "beauty of holiness," you'll be drawn to become like Him. 

Pursuing Holiness is part of the  NewStart family of Discipleship Tools

40 Days of Holiness Church Campaign doesn't just come with the workbook & Pursuing Holiness website. A subscription covers a suite of discipleship tools for your church, that help come alongside pastors to help train new believers through providing thoughtful and intentional spiritual growth experiences.

Learn more about the NewStart Discipleship Premium subscription for your church at

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